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Zig-Zag Cotton Pad

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Grade A Cotton, Pure white
Packed with polybag with colorful ring
Generally used in medical dressing, cosmetic family healthcare, wound careetc.

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Item ID Specification Package Remark
21010 15g 500Bags/Ctn(7.5Kg) Spec.Package and Printing can be to customer's option.
21011 35g 150Bags/Ctn(5.25Kg)
21012 50g 200Bags/Ctn(10Kg)
21013 80g 150Bags/Ctn(12Kg)
21014 100g 60Bags/Ctn(12Kg)
21015 200g 60Bags/Ctn(12Kg)
21016 250g 60Bags/Ctn(15Kg)
21017 500g 60Bags/Ctn(15Kg)