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BTL 5000 prof. laser

5985 USD

The BTL-5000 Laser series presents the best in low level laser therapy (LLLT) treatment, Black and white touch screen for easy operation, 400 mw infra read, patient database, continous or puls, 150 preprogrammed treatment, sport, dermatology, denistry, general praksis, neurolgy, ent, Nogier fr. EAV fr, and much more, user guide, pc and printer connection, sound volume, screen brigthness, screen saver and much more.

- Black and white touch screen for easy operation
- 2 outputs for simultaneous connection of red and infrared probes
- Continuous and pulse laser therapy (frequency modulation 0-5000Hz)
- Infrared probes of 830nm wavelength and 400mW power output
- Holder for laser probes
- Duty factor setting 10-90% in steps of 10%
- Pre-programmed treatment protocols and 150 free lots for user-created protocols

Self-test of connected probes. As ekstra Equipment you can have:
Acupuncture set for laser acupuncture
- Nogier and EAV frequencies
- Built-in patient database connecting patient data with treatment protocols (150 treatments only laser in the world)
- Built-in user guide and online help
- Connection to a PC and computer network
- Printer interface
- Sound volume adjustment, display colour and brightness setting, screen saver, auto switch-off

- continuous pulse 0.1 -5000Hz, 0.1-10000Hz (optional), adjustable in steps of 0.1 (0.1-9.99Hz), 1Hz(10-99Hz), 10Hz (100-990Hz), 100Hz (1000-10000Hz)
- Duty factor 10-90%
- Max. output of infrared probes 400 mW
- Laser class 3B
- Laser type semiconductor
- Dimensions 230 x 390 x 260mm
- Weight (less accessories) approx. 4.7kg
- Mains supply 230V/50-60Hz, 115V/50-60Hz
- Included: Laser googles

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