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Aneroid Manometer/Gauge

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HS-10A Stop-pin type Zinc-alloy Manometer
HS-10B Stop-pin type Aluminum-alloy Manometer
HS-10C/HS-10D/HS-10E Non-stop pin type Zinc-alloy Manometer

Available colors for the case of HS-10A/HS-10B/HS-10C/HS-10D are black, blue, gray HS-10E is fine powder-coated finish to feature an attractive appearance, black color only
HS-10D applies advanced non-stop pin mechanism for high precision

Special colors (Green,Yellow,Red etc) are available

Customers private labels are welcome

Payment Details:
Payment Terms: L/C or T/T
The minimum order is 500 PCS
Quality Approvals Details: CE, ISO9002

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