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Osteopro Ultrasound

14.000 USD

Shown with extra features

OsteoPro features and advantages

More Accurate
- Using WHI diagnostic standard parameter, OsteoPro provides reliable diagnostic results.
- OsteoPro uses oil medium, it is similar with the water but oil is not affected by temperature changes. It reduces diagnostic errors and improves the precision and accuracy remarkably.
- T-score Precision: Less than 0.1 percent.

More econnomical
- The strong point of OsteoPro is the ballon with durable material.
- The balloon is permanent, so there is no risk of a balloon blowout.
- No replacement balloon, so it saves the cost of consumption goods.

More convenient
- OsteoPro has built-in pc, monitor and printer, so operator can diagnose only with main equipment.
- As it is portable, it installs at a small place.
- OsteoPro takes oil medium for ultrasound diagnosis, so it needs no water replacement and calibration regularly.
- The diagnostic time will be 15 seconds and it is much faster than our competitiors.

OsteoPro fixes the distance of an ultrasound sensor and minimizes the changes of the contact pressure between the ultrasound sensor and the skins contact area by using a water bladder.

Furthermore, adjustments of the measuring positions in accordance with the size of the foot as well as foot fixation are achieved simultaneously during measurement. Hence, having a footplate that satisfies identical measurement
criteria, it has the reproducibility of very high diagnostic results

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